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Living Without Pain Is Possible!

Sometimes life is just not fair at all. You want to do the things that you love ... gardening, shopping, playing golf or tennis with friends. Perhaps just going to the park and spending time with your kids or loved ones but pain is stopping you. Even doing a simple chore at home is a struggle.

Living with pain is not living at all… You have tried physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, and even surgery but nothing seemed to work. You feel hopeless, and you think this is part of living that you need to adjust and deal with it for the rest of your life.

I have GOOD NEWS for you… There is hope and you have found it. Living without pain is possible!

Picture yourself enjoying life and doing the things that you love. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a restful night and wake up in the morning feeling fresh and excited ready to face your day without having to worry of joint or muscle pain?

Hello! My name is Oliver Patalinghug, a physical therapist for over 16 years in Michigan. We have a program for you that is different from a conventional physical therapy.

Our program has helped 95% of our clients live healthy and pain free active lifestyles. In this program, we use proven and effective pain relieving techniques available in physical therapy today.

The results are remarkable and immediate! You will see significant improvement of your pain and function within few visits … The faster you get better the faster you can regain your life and start enjoying the things you love to do!

So take control of your well being and keep yourself healthy and pain-free!

Click here or Call us now at (248) 844-2665 to take advantage of our Free Consultation where we can tell you what Restore Physical Therapy LLC can do to help you!

Don't be afraid to reach out for help anymore! We WILL work closely to help you overcome pain and recover from injuries and muscle dysfunction.

You Have Nothing To Lose, Except Pain and Discomfort!

Committed to your health,

Oliver Patalinghug, PT and Restore Physical Therapy Staff

P.S. Think about where you will be in 30 days – pain free, happier, healthier and stronger? Or will you still be a victim of procrastination yet again? Click here to schedule your FREE consultation!

Restore Physical Therapy, LLC clinic is a specialty physical therapy specializing in joint and muscle pain relief.

Our office location:

705 Barclay Cir. Ste. 135. Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Here is a partial list of some surrounding cities in Oakland and Macomb Counties that Restore Physical Therapy LLC provides physical therapy services: Rochester, Rochester Hills,Oakland Township, Bloomfield Hills, Pontiac, Troy, Sterling Heights, Shelby Township, Warren, Auburn Hills, Waterford, Madison Heights, Clawson, Oxford, Lake Orion, Ferndale, Shelby Township, Waterford, Clarkston, Royal Oak,Oak Park, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Centerline, New Baltimore, Chesterfield, Romeo, Washington Township, Macomb Township.

Rochester Hills Physical Therapy Testimonials

See testimonials of Rochester Hills Physical Therapy Patients, who see improvement of their joint and muscle pain in just few treatments.

Free Physical Therapy Consultation in Rochester Hills

We offer free consultation to new patients ($150.00 Value). Call us If you are not sure about your needs and would like to know if your condition would benefit from our physical therapy program.

Rochester Hills Physical Therapy Treatment Program

Rochester Hills Physical Therapy Program for Joint and Muscle Pain.

Restore Physical Therapy, LLC New Patient Forms

Download forms here for new patients.

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"… after few sessions my sciatic pain has practically disappeared. This type of therapy was much more useful to me than the heat packs and ultrasounds that I received in prior therapy."

Jacalyn H.

"The techniques worked and my back is pain free! I would recommend this to everybody, because it works. Try and find out.”

Cartwright V.

"...I noticed immediate improvement of my pain. It was amazing and I was impressed!"

Rocio M.

"... My recommendation to Restore Physical Therapy cannot be described in words, only in actions... To anyone with a problem I would say follow in my footsteps to do better than ever."

Mollie J.

“Before coming to Restore Physical Therapy I had six months of lower back pain…After my initial session with Oliver I walked out and feeling so much better! I’ve strongly recommend this practice to others.”

Deanna K.

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